About NocoDB

A small and dedicated team working towards a new no-code paradigm.

About Us

At NocoDB, we're passionate about transforming the way businesses manage and leverage their data.

Nocoders Team

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower businesses and individuals to unlock the full potential of their data without the complexity traditionally associated with databases. We believe that data should be a tool for innovation, not a barrier, and that's why we've created NocoDB.

Team Behind NocoDB

Discover the minds behind the new no-code paradigm.

Naveen R - Founder-CEO


Founder & CEO

Pranav - Backend-engineer


Full-stack Engineer

Raju - Full-stack-engineer


Full-stack Engineer

Mert Ersoy - full-stack-Engineer

Mert Ersoy

Full-stack Engineer

Shreyas Product Designer

Shreyas KB

Product Designer

Anbarasu - Full-stact Intern


Full-stack Engineer

Ramesh Mane - Full-stack Developer

Ramesh Mane

Full-stack Engineer


Full-stack Engineer

Saakshi Shirali - Mascot Artist

Saakshi Shirali

Mascot Artist

Lisa VC

Community Advocate

Investors Backing Us

Amazing VC Firms and Individuals from Open Source, Infra and SaaS have backed us.

Jon Sakoda

Founding Partner Decibel Partners

Joseph Jacks

Founder & General Partner OSSC

Salil Deshpande

General Partner Uncorrelated Ventures

Girish Mathrubootham

Together Fund Investment Advisor

Ram Sriram

Founder Sherpalo Ventures

Bob Young

Founder Red Hat Inc.

Spencer Kimball

CEO Cockroach Labs

Matt Wullenweg

Automattic CEO

Jeff Hammerbacher

Co-Founder Cloudera

Bertrand Diard

Co-Founder Talend

Naval Ravikant

Co-Founder Angel.co

Chad Hurley

Co-Founder Youtube

Tod Sacerdoti

Founder, CEO Pipedream